Treatment in Turkey

Istanbul provides private treatment opportunities of first class quality at well below European and US prices. Wadi Health should contract with the best hospitals in Istanbul, which have JCI accreditation and use FDA approved devices, equipped with modern facilities, advanced technology and qualified personnel.

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Doctor and Hospital

Turkey offers high quality healthcare services at affordable prices. Wadi Health strives to be a bridge between patients seeking quality and fast health care and experienced and talented Turkish doctors. We aim to make every aspect of the patient's treatment in Istanbul as simple as possible.

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Travel and Accommodation

We want our foreign patients to have a pleasant journey when they come to Istanbul. We care about the communication that starts with our patients even before they arrive. That's why we take you and your companions from the airport by including transfer services to our medical packages that we offer you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Access to high-quality healthcare has never been easier than it is today. Traveling outside your local area of residence or even overseas has become very popular. In today’s world, patients exceed their borders for quality health services. Being able to fly all around the world has facilitated having medical treatments in other countries. For example, Turkey, being one of the most visited medical tourism destinations, makes the most of its central location. Since Turkey is a relatively short distance from most countries, it is simple for those living abroad to connect their flights to Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Traveling for medical treatments is much easier now, but it is also a stressful process. Medical tourism facilitators get involved just here. We are critical in ensuring that you receive the best possible care for your health issues. With so much information available, it can be difficult to choose the best provider for your medical needs. As medical tourism facilitators, we can help you with your medical journeys. That means that you will not have to worry about if you’ve chosen the right doctor or if the hospital is well equipped or how to arrange your transfer, etc. We can provide you with any information you require because we are well-versed in the destination country. So you should consult a medical tourism agency to get the stress away from your journey and be able to focus on getting better. Let Wadi Health, your medical tourism agency, make any other arrangements for you.

As medical facilitators, we narrow your options based on the doctors in our network. All the doctors in our network have credentials that meet the highest quality and expertise standards, so you can be confident. It is the medical facilitator’s responsibility to ensure that the doctors in our network have extensive experience performing the surgeries you require.

Medical tourism facilitators help you get all of your assistance in one place. You simply send us your questions and we will respond with a suggestion. We have high knowledge of hospitals, clinics, and doctors. We know beforehand what you need and are here to help and guide you. The founders of the Wadi Health Tourism Agency, work as medical advisors. You can consult us with any questions.

Our team is here to help you regardless of your location or medical condition. We provide proper treatment support for specific treatments where your safety, high-quality care, and affordability are given first priority.

Furthermore, we are a travel agency as well. Since we have both an “international health tourism authorization certificate” as well as a “travel agency membership certificate,” we are competent to respond to your tourism-related questions. What do you like to do as a tourist? Which kinds of touristic activities do you like? Tell us and we’ll make the arrangement.

We understand that you don’t need any additional stress from ambulance transfers, hospital waiting lists, cultural differences, or language barriers, and we promise a safe and smooth journey that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Wadi Health manages every aspect of the patient’s entire medical experience, from the first moment of contact, through full recuperation. We will coordinate the process and take care of the details such as flights and hotel reservations, scheduling doctor consultations, coordinating surgery appointments, arranging transportation from the airport to your accommodation, and securely transferring confidential files like X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, doctor’s diagnosis, etc. to your medical provider. We will guide you through the assessment, quotation, scheduling, and planning processes. We will remain proactive throughout the entire medical tourism process. We alleviate the burden, time, anxiety, and emotional challenges associated with arranging medical treatment in another country.

We will represent you and find you the most suitable medical institution based on your needs. We will provide you with all kinds of information as well as the best pricing for all aspects of your medical journey. We are here to coordinate all aspects of the medical travel program. Facilitating the communication process is our job. You’ll be contacted in English or in your mother tongue.

-Answering any and all questions about treatment options and physicians. 

You tell us your preferences and we find the right option for you and explain to you in detail why it is the right option. You will naturally have questions about your doctor, the hospital, experiences of previous patients, the city, the transportation in the city, touristic options, etc. As we have all the responses, we are ready to share.

-Recommend as well as arrange accommodation and transportation for you and your companion.

Let’s say you arrived at Istanbul airport. It’s a huge and very crowded airport. Don’t stress about non-English-speaking taxi drivers or how to catch the taxi. You don’t need to worry about whether a taxi will trick you… Our transport team will be there to take you and your companion to your hotel. If you feel like you need assistance, a member of our welcome team will be there to accompany you as well. We want you to feel relaxed and stress-free. Having patients who feel secure and safe is our top priority.

-To resolve any issues, communicate with the patient on a daily basis.

We provide you with a number that you can contact for any of your questions, even the most basic ones. Like said, we understand how difficult it could be to come to another country for medical purposes, so we know that communication is the key.


All the Health Services You Are Looking For

Providing service in the field of health is not just doing business. For us, serving in the health sector is a tool to touch people's lives. Our customers are beyond being sick for us; They are people who need help, care, safety, comfort and security.


Knee Replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Scoliosis Surgery, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries, Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

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Cosmetic Gynecology, Fertility Treatments and IVF, Gynecological Endoscopy Surgeries

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Plastic Surgery & Aesthetics

Rhinoplasty, Breast Surgery, Liposuction, Maternity Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics

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Dental Treatments

Smile Design, Dental Implant Applications, Laser Teeth Whitening, Porcelain Veneer, Clear Plaque Orthodontics (invisalign), Zirconium Veneer

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We bring you together with Istanbul's comprehensive check-up programs in order to improve your health and quality of life.

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Bariatric Surgery

Gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries are known as bariatric surgeries.

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...and more

You Can Find All The Treatment Methods You Are Looking For

The Safety and Health of Our Customers Is Our Priority


Wadi Health Tourism

Wadi Health is a medical tourism agency established in Istanbul, Turkey by two experienced doctors who care about the health and safety of their patients, and organizes hospital, doctor, hotel, transfer and translation services for patients from abroad.


Get to Know Us

As Wadi Health, we have both "international health tourism authorization certificate" and "travel agency membership certificate". In other words, we have the competence to answer your questions about tourism.

In accredited clinics and JCI accredited hospitals, we provide high quality, personalized treatments according to the needs of patients and we plan their treatment in Istanbul. We plan every detail of their visit, from their hotels to their flight tickets to choosing and arranging the right surgeons for them.

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Contracted Institution

Our founders, obstetrics and gynecology doctor Dr. Ebru Ünal and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Yusuf Unal. Wadi Health has contracted with Turkish doctors who are experts in their fields and have years of experience and aims to bring them together with foreign patients.

American Hospital
Koç Üniversitesi Hospital
Liv Hospital Vadistanbul
Titanic Şişli Confort
Regart Hotel
Harbiye Residence



Providing service in the field of health is not just doing business. For us, serving in the health sector is a tool to touch people's lives. Our customers are beyond being sick for us; They are people who need help, care, safety, comfort and security.

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